VegeCleanse Plus™ 570g (formerly PaleoCleanse Plus™)


Product Size: 570 g (1.3 lbs)

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VegeCleanse Plus™ 570g (formerly PaleoCleanse Plus™)

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VegeCleanse Plus™ features certified organic pea protein in order to help ensure a steady supply of the individual amino acids required for effective detoxification - particularly the sulfur-containing amino acids. This product also contains a wide array of nutrients to help support sufficient levels of critical enzyme cofactors that are involved in healthy detoxification.

VegeCleanse Plus™ is designed to aid the body's defenses against xenobiotics, pollutants and other harmful substances, as well as against remnants of pharmaceutical drugs, excess steroid hormones, and the byproducts of normal, healthy metabolism. It is specifically formulated to support both phase I and II processes. This is crucial, because if phase II reactions are sluggish - perhaps due to insufficiency of key conjugates and cofactors - then the intermediate products of phase I may accumulate and overwhelm the body's capacity to conjugate and excrete them.