Liposomal B Supreme


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Liposomal B Supreme

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B vitamins are essential for cellular energy generation via converting food substrates into ATP. As such, in addition to physical energy, B vitamins support mental and emotional health owing to their roles in neurocognitive function and neurotransmitter synthesis.

Although B vitamins are abundant in omnivorous diets based on whole, unprocessed foods, restrictive diets are increasing in popularity, and several lifestyle factors interfere with or impair absorption of nutrients. These include alcohol intake, chronic stress, advanced age, and commonly prescribed medications that reduce absorption or increase excretion of B vitamins.

Benefits of Liposomal Delivery

Superior absorption and intracellular delivery of nutrients
Phospholipid structure allows for effective delivery of compounds with different solubilities carried within the same particle (e.g., water- and lipid-soluble compounds)
Penetrates the blood-brain barrier
Survives the acidic environment of the stomach, ensuring intestinal uptake and delivery to the lymphatic system
Convenient for those who prefer to swallow fewer pills; also allow for easy dosing
1 mL (approx. 2 pumps)